The Geyser Group, Sephira Group, bring Teslas as an Amenity to The Johnny

The Geyser Group and The Sephira Group are pleased to announce that our new boutique apartment community in Austin’s Highland neighborhood has partnered with Sumn, an EV car-share service, to offer access to a fleet of electric vehicles that can be rented on-demand by the hour or day. Our team is very excited to offer “car-sharing as an amenity” exclusively for The Johnny residents.

This partnership is part of a forward-thinking alternative our development team hopes will benefit those without a personal vehicle. The mission of The Johnny and Sumn is to help promote car-sharing services while reducing overall vehicle emissions. Currently, The Johnny is offering $100 in Sumn Cash Credit to those who sign a lease without a car! You can find more information about the promotion on The Johnny’s official Instagram account, @thejohnnyatx. 

As Sumn enters the multifamily space, the business hopes this venture will inspire other developers as part of their larger plan to provide Austin residents with more sustainable transportation options. Sumn offers cost-effective electric vehicles, making them a great choice for residents who want to reduce their carbon footprint and save money on transportation.

"Our goal is to help residents reduce their dependence on private cars and instead use an eco-friendly, affordable solution that they can rely on to run errands and even go on road trips. We want residents who use Sumn to feel as if it's as easy as getting into their own personal vehicle, and our technology allows us to do just that."

With the Sumn App, residents can join The Johnny community, view available vehicles, unlock, and drive with just a few taps. Additionally, Sumn provides its own insurance coverage for every rental and even offers free EV charging, both for no additional cost to residents. 

According to The Johnny’s development team, the partnership with Sumn will provide residents with an alternative to car ownership that also aligns with the overarching goals of sustainability by encouraging alternative transportation options.

“As developers, we always seek opportunities to elevate our resident’s living experience. When we can do that and simultaneously promote an eco-friendly lifestyle, the decision essentially makes itself - It’s a win-win.”

Sumn’s goals for this partnership are three-fold. First, Sumn will measure the willingness of residents to reduce their reliance on private cars. The partnership will provide valuable data on whether residents are willing to give up their cars in favor of a shared-vehicle solution. This data will help Sumn and other shared-vehicle providers to better understand the needs and preferences of residents, and to design more effective transportation solutions in the future.

Second, Sumn aims to calculate the optimum parking ratios for developers with the presence of car-sharing. By tracking the usage of its fleet at The Johnny, Sumn will be able to determine how many parking spots can be eliminated from any given development without negatively impacting residents’ transportation options. This data will be invaluable for developers who are looking to reduce the amount of parking they provide and make better use of their space. 

Finally, Sumn hopes to increase tenant renewal and to help bring in new leases. The availability of shared vehicles may be a deciding factor for many renters when choosing a new apartment, and it may also be a factor in whether current residents choose to renew their leases. Sumn will be tracking these metrics to determine the overall impact of its service on The Johnny’s occupancy rates and tenant satisfaction.

The Johnny offers 76 units to the growing Highland neighborhood and is located directly behind the Crescent Shopping Center. The complex is now open and has new tenants actively moving in! 

“We're excited to see tenants begin moving into The Johnny. The location is perfect for our partnership with Sumn, as tenants without access to personal transportation will be able to experience all that the area has to offer!”

Overall, the partnership between The Johnny and Sumn is a win-win for everyone involved. The Johnny’s residents will have access to a sustainable and cost-effective transportation option, while Sumn will benefit from increased visibility and a new customer base. As one of the first apartment communities in Austin to offer Sumn service, The Johnny hopes to inspire more developers to embrace sustainable transportation options. 

If you want to learn more about living at The Johnny, please visit the property’s website at

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