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Celebrating Geyser’s Women in Business Finalist, Julie Jumonville

Geyser is immensely proud to announce that our partner, Julie Jumonville, was a finalist for the Austin Business Journal’s 2022 Women in Business Awards. Congratulations Julie! On Thursday, Geyser attended the ceremony at the JW Marriott downtown Austin. Our team had an amazing time listening and learning from diverse, talented women from a range of different industries. In honor of Julie’s finalist award, we sat down with Julie to learn more about her entrepreneurial journey, her community endeavors, and what being nominated means to her. 

About Our Women in Business Finalist, Julie Jumonville:

Julie Jumonville is a Founding Partner of The Geyser Group, a commercial real estate sponsor and investor based in Austin, Texas. Julie is heavily involved in guiding the overall direction of the business and day-to-day decision-making. Her extensive network in Austin and beyond connects Geyser with a diverse group of individuals and companies. In addition, Julie’s past business experiences bring an innovative perspective to new developments.

Julie is an innovator in the field as her background gives The Geyser Group insights into utilizing sustainability and entrepreneurship towards traditional commercial projects, as well as looking at projects through an engineering perspective. Geyser is actively implementing a ‘checklist for greener developments’ that push developers to build greener, more sustainable buildings. To combat climate change, we must take an active role in driving cleaner construction. Julie dedicates her time, energy, and resources to Geyser, and she continues to inspire other young women pursuing entrepreneurship or commercial real estate careers. 

Can you Walk us Through Your Entrepreneurial Journey? 

“From 2001 to 2014, I served as the Founder and CEO of Avery Environmental Services, a professional consulting firm specializing in implementing and integrating ISO 14000, ISO 9000, and OHSAS 18000 management systems and engineering staffing. In parallel, I served as the Co-Founder of UpSpring Baby from 2007 to 2020. As one of the Co-Founders and innovators for UpSpring, I was blessed to work for a company where I could invent and source products for mom and baby that improve health and wellness and ease parenting challenges. Back in 2019, we were thrilled to announce that UpSpring had sold to Reckitt Benckiser. My experience has allowed me to connect with many influential individuals across the Central Texas region and has established my presence within the community. One of my many pleasures is connecting with individuals from all walks of life. Taking a proactive approach to connecting with people has elevated my career, reputation, and overall success as an entrepreneur.” 

How do you Give Back to the Community?

“Within Geyser, we have had the fantastic opportunity to partner with AMASS, a launchpad built for black investors to reduce the unequal wealth gap among black Americans. Within this partnership, Geyser has sponsored two events where we used an active deal to teach new investors the ins- and- outs of commercial real estate.”

“Outside of Geyser, I am on the board for The Alchemy Theater– Its mission is to present stories with harsh resonant truth, in an intimate and inclusive environment, with professionalism, and in effective collaboration with quality theater artists. Additionally, I serve as a volunteer and donor for CEPIA, a Costarican nationally accredited non-profit organization that promotes culture, mental health, participation, labor opportunities, and social cohesion of children, teenagers, and their families from poor backgrounds in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Programs at CEPIA consist of an after-school program, an early innovation center for kids 6-13 living in high-risk situations; weekly counseling sessions; professional training and employment opportunities, and care for children living in poverty. Lastly, back in 2021, I served on the chair for The Center for Child Projection’s Dancing with the Stars Austin, where we raised $2 million for children experiencing sexual abuse, physical abuse, and children who have witnessed violent crime.”

What Advice Would you Give to Women Trying to Achieve Leadership Roles? 

“The main lesson I try to teach women searching for leadership positions is to believe in themselves and their potential to achieve their goals. As a woman working in the commercial real estate industry, overcoming male-dominated discussions and decision-making is challenging. However, if women are to succeed in the corporate world, we must come together, actively support one another, and display the skills and abilities we bring to the table. It takes more work and focus, and breaking these stereotypes is the first step to getting more women into leadership positions.”

Who is Your Mentor, and Why?

Clayton Christopher, past Founder of Sweet Leaf Tea, Deep Eddy Vodka, and CAVU. As Clayton was in the trenches working on Sweet Leaf Tea, I had just started my company, UpSpring Baby. He shared his resources, including an office, CFO, and guidance to help launch my first product, Milkscreen, into the market. In addition, he introduced me to investors, The Entrepreneur’s Organization, and other entrepreneurs in my category to help get my company started. Without Clayton, it would not have happened.”

What Does this Nomination Mean to You? 

“It is an honor to be nominated with this amazing crew of bright and hard-working women.  Austin is lucky to have such a passionate and powerful group of women leading the way in our City.”

Geyser is very grateful to have Julie nominated for the Women in Business Award alongside other women making an impact in Central Texas. Thank you to the Austin Business Journal for a wonderful event. Check out their article covering the 30 female forces on Austin’s business scene. 

To read more about Julie’s accomplishments and The Geyser Group, check our showcase in the Austin Business Journal.

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Employee Spotlight: Meet Geyser’s Development Associate, Zach Counts

This month’s spotlight features our Development Associate, Zach Counts. Zach’s experience in the Navy and real estate brings a disciplined perspective to Geyser. We are excited to have Zach on the team and love his hard work and dedication. Get to know Zach, his experience, and what he enjoys outside work. 


Originally from St. Charles, Missouri, Zach joined the Navy out of high school and spent nine years on active duty. 

“I was drawn to the military and intrigued by SEALs. So I enlisted in the military, went to BUD/s (Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL), joined the Teams (SEAL Teams), separated from active duty in 2014 after nine years of service, and have been a reservist since.”

“I’ve had some truly remarkable experiences in my service, some great, some terrible, but I’m truly grateful for all of them and grateful to those that served alongside me. Those that are still here and those that have left this world. They have shaped who I am today.” 

Following his military career, Zach attended the McCombs School of Business. 

“I decided I wanted to go to McCombs before my time on active duty ended. So I reached out to McCombs, and they told me that since I didn’t go to school in Texas, didn’t have an SAT/ACT score, and I hadn’t been in school for a while, my best option would be to attend ACC and get a 4.0.”

“I achieved my 4.0 at ACC, got into the McCombs School of Business, and graduated with a degree in Finance. I didn’t want a typical finance job, and corporate didn’t appeal to me. I was intrigued with real estate development, the changing dynamics of every deal and project, the problem-solving that is needed, the cross-discipline teamwork, and things that went beyond just finance appealed to me. So I befriended a professor from a real estate finance class, who introduced me to the area’s developers. My real estate career began as an intern at a local real estate firm, and I fell in love with real estate. Eventually, I connected with Julie Jumonville, one of Geyser’s founding partners, and interviewed with the entire team. From there, I started my role at Geyser and could not be happier.”

What is the Biggest Takeaway from your Time in the Navy? 

“There are two. The first is the importance of teamwork and along with that teamwork effective communication. The reason the Teams (SEAL Teams) are considered elite isn’t necessarily because of each individual, it is not to say that each individual isn’t extraordinary, but as a team, we are one of the most highly functioning and effective organizations on this planet. The second piece, communication, fits so easily into teamwork. Arguably, one of the skill sets that sets us apart is the fact that we communicate so well.”

How has Transitioning into Real Estate Benefitted you Professionally?

“Well, for starters, I wanted to stay in Austin, and the real estate market here is phenomenal. My time in Austin real estate has allowed me to grow my family, and I don’t see the market slowing down anytime soon. I feel accomplished knowing I have the job security to care for my family.”  

What Have Been your Biggest Takeaways Working at Geyser?

“There are two big things that I love about Geyser. Not surprisingly they coincide with my takeaways from my service. The first is team camaraderie. There have been places I have worked where I haven’t had a team that uplifts one another, and it has proven to be very beneficial. The pooled mindset of experience allows you to grow through others’ experiences. Geyser hires knowledgeable people, and each employee brings a different perspective you can learn from. Secondly, the communication piece of Geyser is fantastic. The up and down chain of command constantly pushes information through our channels, allowing us to be informed on things we may need to know in the future. Even if you are not working on that specific project, you still get a complete understanding of what is going on in the business from all sides. Very transparent communication.”

Personal Life 

Outside of work, Zach enjoys spending time with his family outdoors. Zach is family-oriented and takes an annual trip to Anna Maria Islands in Florida. He hopes that his kids will continue this tradition for years to come. 

“I used to practice Jujitsu and Muay Thai, but I don’t have time now with three kids. I still try to train, but I will find time for it again. Visiting family is a big part of my life. We visit my wife’s family in Rochester and take a Florida vacation with my side every year.”

We are very fortunate to have Zach on the Geyser Team and look forward to growing professionally alongside him for the foreseeable future. 

If you want to check out our other Employee Spotlight featuring Geyser’s Head of Finance, Tomas Arellano, click here

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Hamilton Reserve Ranch Project Spotlight

This month, our Property Spotlight series showcases Hamilton Reserve Ranch, a 738 +/- acre ranch in Dripping Springs. Just off 24814 Hamilton Pool Rd, this Hill Country ranch is only 35 minutes from downtown Austin and 15 minutes from Lakeway, Hill Country Galleria, and Bee Cave. 

Hamilton Reserve Ranch is a conservation focused ranch with several unique features, including panoramic vistas, Hill Country views, excellent tree coverage, a beautiful seasonal creek, and multiple building sites. There is not another ranch with these features and size this close to downtown Austin. 

Dedication to Conservation 

The conservation easement allows for livestock, hunting activities, family compounds, barns, pools, stables, arenas, equipment barns, toy barns, etc. Overall, this is an attractive ranch opportunity with three 20-acre building envelopes.

We are partnering with Dave Murray to sell Hamilton Reserve Ranch. Parties can purchase the entire ranch,  but the property is also offered as two separate ranches. 

Entirety: 738 +/- acres, 3 building envelopes 

Ranch 1: 191 +/- acres, 1 building envelope 

Ranch 2: 547 +/- acres, 2 building envelopes 

If you are interested in the property, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Dave Murray at

Click here to view the property listing. 

Check out our portfolio of properties by clicking here. 

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Geyser’s Austin Team Builder 2022

The Geyser team got together two weeks ago in Austin for our annual team builder, and it couldn’t have gone any better! We believe that our team of hardworking, passionate, and driven individuals is what sets us apart from the pack. The team builder consisted of presentations from each team member, a book club discussion, and some time on Lake Travis. Here is a summary of Geyser’s Austin Team Builder 2022. 

Day One: Leadership Team Building 

Monday started with a leadership team builder where the executive team went through critical drivers of our success, what we learned throughout 2022, and what the future of The Geyser Group will look like. Throughout the day, we realized that our team plays an integral role in our success. Our team comes from very diverse backgrounds, and each employee brings a different set of skills to the table. Overall, we are very grateful for our employees and their dedication to making Geyser a powerhouse Commercial Real Estate and Investment firm. 

Day Two: Company Team Building (On Lake Travis) 

Tuesday started in the office with numerous discussions about the potential for growth moving into 2023, and ended with an afternoon on Lake Travis. Our newest Financial Analyst Intern, Reece Jumonville, gave the team a “Wake Surfing 101” lesson and we were off to the races. Check out the video of Reece showing us how it’s done! 

Day Three: Team Presentations, Crucial Conversations, and Finishing 2022 Strong

Wednesday, our final team building day, was stacked with team wide-presentations and a book club discussing Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan, Al Switzler‘s book, Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When the Stakes are High. Our team discussed everything from the state of the market to, acquisition strategy, capital markets, marketing, and sustainability across all future projects. The presentations were very beneficial in getting everyone on the same page, and allowed for a free-flow of discussion and feedback. As a team, we learned more about each other’s goals for their department and what we are all are doing to work towards those goals. 

Crucial Conversations 

Part of the team builder consisted of having an open conversation about the book, Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When the Stakes are High. The book gives excellent advice and tools to help improve communication in all aspects of life. The team’s main takeaway was that in order to make smart, efficient decisions, we must utilize our shared pool of meaning. For context, the shared pool of meaning is defined as “drawing on the opinions, feelings, and experiences of two or more people.” It is very crucial for every business, no matter the industry, to know how to have a meaningful conversation that gives both parties resolution and clear next steps. In our eyes, having everyone on the team come together and work through problems yields the best solutions.

So, What’s Next? 

As we enter Q3, Geyser has identified key opportunities that will aid us in our continued commitment to discipline for our limited partners, general partners, and overall investor base. We develop where we live, and creating opportunities for new developments in Central Texas is something that we take pride in. Geyser’s Austin Team Builder 2022 could not have gone any better! 

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Boutique multifamily in east Austin
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Project Spotlight: The Johnny, Geyser’s Boutique, 76-unit Development in Austin

This month, our Property Highlight series is focusing on The Johnny, a 76-unit multifamily development in East Austin roughly between Downtown and The Domain. Partnering with The Sephira Group, this multifamily project features condominium-like design elements and will offer 16 units of affordable housing for those who earn below 60% of the median family income.

Current Progress on The Johnny  

The Johnny provides a modern solution for those looking to live near the heart of the city in a luxury, boutique development. It is located steps from the red rail line at Crestview Station, and directly adjacent to The Crescent shopping center with quick access to 99 Ranch Market, Kura Sushi, Texas Pizza, and many other specialty stores and restaurants. 

the johhny multifamily development in east austin groundbreaking ceremony
November 2021
the johnny multifamily development in east austin parking garage
April 2022
the johnny multifamily development in east austin construction
June 2022

The Future of The Johnny 

The Johnny is currently under construction with a completion date set for January 2023. Since breaking ground in November, The Johnny has been full steam ahead on construction and is now framing. This property sits in proximity to the major development corridors along Lamar Blvd and Burnet Road. Additionally, The Johnny is located close to Downtown Austin, The Domain, The University of Texas, the ACC Highland Redevelopment, and Mueller. Who doesn’t want to be close to the action?

The Johnny will provide residents with sophisticated living in a boutique development that offers an alternative to the large 300-unit plus communities that saturate the market.  We are also very excited about our wellness balcony, which will feature a hot and cold swim spa and provide residents with a space to relax and recharge.”  – Managing Director Michael Bernstein

2021 Renderings
2022 Renderings

If you are interested in being a resident at the Johnny, when completed, check out the website here for ongoing updates. 

If you want to check out our other Project Spotlight feature, click here

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About the Sephira Group

The Sephira Group (TSG) is a full-service Real Estate Development & Investment firm headquartered in Austin, Texas. TSG specializes in developing properties in irreplaceable locations, as well as identifying & acquiring undervalued properties with strong re-purposing potential. Our in-house teams focused on acquisitions, financing, design, development, and asset management, allow us to execute lucrative strategies across the entire real estate spectrum.

Tomas Arellano
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Employee Spotlight: Meet the New Head of Finance, Tomas Arellano

This month’s Employee Spotlight features our new Head of Finance, Tomas Arellano; happy first week! Tomas’ experience in various real estate finance and accounting roles gives him a well equipped kit to bring amazing value to Geyser. We are extremely excited to have Tomas join the team. Get to know Tomas, his experience, and what he likes to do outside of work. 


Tomas Arellano is an Austin native that has been a part of the real estate industry for the past ten years. With a background in finance, accounting, and management, Tomas brings an abundance of experience to the table. 

“I have a lot of transaction experience. I’ve seen it from inception, through development, to disposition; I believe my experience will lead me to success. Just starting, I really like how Geyser approaches opportunities. Most companies find a niche but I think Geyser positions themselves as an all around alternative.”

What Would You Say Is Your Biggest Takeaway From Your Past Experiences?

“Integrity is important when you are working on behalf of partners and investors because you are doing things for them. If you are doing right by them, the relationships will grow and, eventually, equate to more investors. At the end of the day, being open and honest with the relationships that you build from those parties yields the greatest success and creates a long term strategy.”

How Have You Seen The Real Estate Market Change Overtime? 

“I think, compared to a few years ago, people view it as a stable wealth preservation option. It’s becoming more popular as an investment strategy, and the tech market has created a lot of capital wanting to invest in real estate. Investors are looking for a long term hold strategy and the flux of the market is causing people to explore real estate as an investment 

What Are You Most Looking Forward to In Your New Role? “I am looking forward to having a leadership role in finance and being present in those strategic conversations. I felt like this opportunity was a natural progression in my career. Meeting the team, everyone seems very sharp and down to earth. It’s great to have strong coworkers who are also approachable. I’ve only been here a week but everything is making sense. Very excited to get into it”  

Personal Life

Outside of work, Tomas enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, going to church, traveling, and being outside on the weekends. Tomas has a passion for training and teaching and loves mentoring and connecting with young professionals. One of his most memorable trips was to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

We are very excited to have Tomas come onboard, and Geyser is looking forward to learning and growing in parallel.

Welcome to the team Tomas! 

If you want to check out our other Employee Spotlight on Managing Director, Todd Peoples, click here!

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AMASS is Closing the Racial Wealth Gap One Investment at a Time

One of the many pleasures we have as a real estate sponsor is working with really great people, and organizations, on our deals. In 2021, we were fortunate to have one of our deals included in the investment platform for a national organization called AMASS.

AMASS is an education and investment platform that gives black investors access to alternative investments that, ultimately, begin to close the racial wealth gap in America. The world of investing can be an intimidating market for people that are not familiar with the space. Acronyms and specific processes can get confusing and overwhelming for some. To aid in this, AMASS gives new investors access to high quality investments paired with high quality education through personal stories, Q&A, and webinars. The platform is designed to accommodate new investors’ uncertainty and provide them with key insights from highly experienced market leaders. 

Daron Roberts, Co-Founder of AMASS

Since its inception in 2021, AMASS has added 500 investors to the program. Founders Abby Coleman and former NFL coach and University of Texas at Austin professor, Daron Roberts work closely with financial advisors and various commercial real estate firms to boost access to quality investment opportunities. Roberts and Coleman formed the idea for starting AMASS after the murder of George Floyd in May 2020. 

“After George Floyd’s Murder, I committed myself to expanding equity (in the form of capital) for people who look like me” says Roberts. 

Daron is a very successful investor but finds he is the only black investor in many of the deals he participates in. The problem of underrepresentation does not get solved until there are systems in place that allow black investors access to quality deals that are usually only accessible through referrals and word-of-mouth. 

“As an NFL coach and Harvard Law graduate, I am often invited to participate in the kinds of investment deals that the average person never even heard about,” says Roberts, “and, more often than not, I am the only black investor in the mix. This word-of-mouth culture is one of the reasons the rich stay rich. Access – not knowledge – is the differentiator.”

Currently, the median African American family holds about 1.5% of the median white American family wealth. In total, this accumulates to over $10.4 billion in total inequality. For more context, the 400 most wealthiest billionaires in the U.S. have more total wealth than all 10 million Black households combined. 

“We all know this disparity is neither an accident nor a coincidence. And, I believe we can push back against this gap by acquiring assets that have the potential to create outsized returns.” Daron says. 

In 2021, The Geyser Group sponsored AMASS’s first investment opportunity for their members. We were excited to teach new investors the ins-and-out of investing, what to look for in a deal, and how to wire money for the first time. 

“Geyser is a real estate company that’s chosen to weave innovation and education into our DNA from the beginning.  We were thrilled for the opportunity to provide access and education alongside such a mission aligned partner that we hope to scale our impact with.” – Matt McDonnell, The Geyser Group CEO and co-founder

More recently, The Geyser Group sponsored another deal where Managing Director, Dick Hall held a webinar answering questions and concerns AMASS members had about the deal. Connecting new investors to revolutionary deals is something that The Geyser Group and AMASS share. We are incredibly honored to be a part of this organization and look forward to being a source of new deals for years to come. 

If you want more information on AMASS, check out their website here!

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Sustainability Checklist: Nine Strategies to Reduce Carbon, Energy, and Water Use In Austin Commercial Real Estate

The Geyser Group believes in doing well by doing good. For Earth Day this year, our team wants to highlight the importance of environmental sustainability within the built environment. With rising climate concerns, it is critical for all players in the commercial real estate industry to consider how buildings impact the environment. To inspire all of us, here are the top nine strategies to reduce the use of energy in Austin commercial real estate.  

Currently, construction and demolition produce up to 500 tons of waste annually. This accounts for more than twice the amount of generated municipal solid waste in the U.S. Additionally, building construction and operations generate nearly 40% of global CO2 emissions. 11% of total emissions are caused by manufacturing building materials and construction processes. 

Top Nine Strategies to Reduce the Use of Energy, Carbon, and Water.

Energy, Carbon, and Water Reduction Strategies for Development Projects

1. Building Envelope – increasing insulation, adding tinting/glazing to windows, installing a white or green roof, and designing buildings with orientation to the path of the sun in mind, can reduce heat gain and energy consumption spending.

2. Mechanical Systems – high-efficiency heat pumps, electric water heaters, smart thermostats, and a fully integrated building automation system to tie everything together leads to a more energy-efficient building with a low carbon footprint that costs less to operate in the long run.

3. Renewables and Storage – on-site solar and battery storage combined with green power purchases and participation in utility demand response programs will enable buildings to achieve their net-zero targets while saving money or generating additional revenue.

4. Appliances and Water Fixtures – EPA Energy Star Rated and WaterSense labeled appliances and fixtures for the kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom ensure high efficiency and low water consumption, while electric stovetops and water heaters reduce carbon emissions generated by your building.   

5. Landscape Irrigation – low or no water use landscaping that includes native and drought-resistant plantings results in water and dollar savings. Irrigated areas should consist of smart controls, and any areas on the property that can be utilized for water catchment and re-use can lead to additional savings. 

strategies for reducing energy use

6. Lighting – lighting design should result in the appropriate level of lumens per watt of energy required and incorporate automatic controls via sensors, timers, and integration with the building automation system. The use of daylighting also reduces energy consumption. 

7. Metering – you can’t manage what you don’t measure, so sub-metering of all major mechanical equipment, tenant, and indoor/outdoor common areas allows building engineers and managers to operate a more efficient building.

8. Embodied Carbon During Construction – carbon emissions from building materials and the construction process make up nearly one-third of all emissions associated with commercial and residential buildings. Therefore, selecting construction materials and interior finishes with low embodied carbon (how and where they are made, for example) plays a vital role in each project’s environmental impact.  

9. Transportation – electric vehicle charging stations, bicycle storage, and strategies to reduce car dependence such as ride-sharing and public transportation incentives reduce emissions and provide flexible alternatives to residents and workers.

strategies for reducing energy use

It will take a conscious effort to integrate this into our development process, but being mindful of the impact that construction has on the environment is the first step. 

If you would like to learn more about how companies are making an effort to be more environmentally conscious, check out these articles. 

The Office of Energy Effienceny & Renewable Energy 

ECAD For Commerical Buildings- Austin Energy 

Interested in seeing our properties? Check out our portfolio here 

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Employee Spotlight: Questions with Managing Director Todd Peoples

This year, The Geyser Group wants to start highlighting the wonderful people that work at the firm. Starting today, Geyser will highlight a different employee each month. From young entrepreneurs to seasoned industry veterans, Geyser has a wide variety of talent and diversity. Check back every month to get to know one of our employees a little more! Our Employee Spotlight series aims to uplift the wonderful people here at Geyser. 

This month’s Employee Spotlight features Todd Peoples, a rock star member of the managing team. Todd came to The Geyser Group in early 2020 as a development manager and has been providing tremendous value ever since. We interviewed Todd to learn more about his role in the company, how he enjoys spending his free time, and his life motto. 

What Does Your Job Role Entail? 

As one of the three Managing Directors, I mainly focus on business development, acquisitions, and our conservation development thesis where we identify places that have unique landscapes and ecology and figure out what’s the minimal amount of development we need to do to preserve the landscape forever.  

What Brought You to Geyser? 

I love the idea of creating places for people to live, work, and play while doing it with a group of people that are passionate about doing meaningful work 

What Do You Like Most About Your Job? 

I love the relationship building aspect and bringing value to people’s lives through real estate. 

What is the Best Career Lesson you Have Learned so Far? 

Personally, I believe in long obedience in the same direction and professionally that translates to persisting to achieve the company’s goals based on shared values and ideas. 

How Do You Balance Your Career and Family? 

Keep my priorities straight. Faith and family come first and work comes second with the understanding that hard work is important to model for my family. I want to be there for the big things, understanding that I have to sacrifice the little things to provide, which requires a flexible work/life schedule which Geyser offers.

What Is Your Motto? 

I used to be afraid of failing at something that really mattered to me, but now I’m more afraid of succeeding at things that don’t matter.  I pulled this from one of my favorite authors, Bob Goff.

What Would You Be Doing as a Career if You Weren’t Doing This? 

I would love to be a doctor if it didn’t require me going back to school for 8 years. I think this stems from the fact that I like to help people personally and professionally.  Geyser allows me to do both!

What Do You Like to Do When You’re not Working? 

Spend time outdoors with my family 

What Three Words Best Describe You? 

Curious, Faithful, Persistent 

Where is Your Favorite Place in the World?

Yosemite National Park 

What is a Fun Fact About Yourself That People Might not Know?

I was a child actor. I played one of the orphans in The Problem Child. 

If you Could Meet Anyone in the World Dead or Alive, Who Would it be and Why?

Thomas Eddison because he was so persistent and determined to create the lightbulb among various other inventions and wasn’t afraid to fail.  

What is One Thing That You Can’t Live Without? 

I can’t live without my wife. She is my support system and anywhere with her is my happy place. 

Is There Anything That You Want to Experience/Try That You Haven’t Yet? 

I would like to try rock climbing at some point 

Check back each month to learn more about our employees in our Employee Spotlight series!  If you are interested in our ongoing projects check out our portfolio here

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Project Spotlight: The Goodwin, Geyser’s 363-unit Multifamily Development in East Austin

The Goodwin Multifamily Development Apartments in East Austin

The Geyser Group is highlighting our upcoming project, The Goodwin, located just off the intersection of Springdale Road and Airport Boulevard in East Austin. We are partnering with Sabot Development and Cadence McShane Construction on this 363-unit, class-A apartment community in a prime East Austin Opportunity Zone.

The Goodwin will provide housing to the growing Austin population with 326 market-rate and 37 affordable housing units. Additionally, there will be 2,400 square feet of retail space aimed at providing residents and the neighborhood with access to another local restaurant or bodega. The Goodwin is located directly across the street from Springdale General, a 165,000 square foot mixed-use complex, and Springdale Green, an 875,000 square foot office that is expected to deliver in Q1 2024.

Our Progress on The Goodwin in East Austin 

The Goodwin is currently under construction with an expected final completion date in Q1 2024.  The first set of units are expected to deliver in Summer 2023.  Construction is proceeding as planned, with work underway on the parking garage.

construction 2021 for 3706 goodwin multifamily development in east austin
December 2021
construction january 2021 for 3706 goodwin multifamily development in east austin
January 2022
construction april 2022 for 3706 goodwin multifamily development in east austin
April 2022
May 2022
The Goodwin multifamily development in East Austin
June 2022
The Goodwin Multifamily development in East Austin
July 2022

The Goodwin is currently under construction, with an expected completion date in Q1 2024.  The first set of units is likely to deliver in Summer 2023.  Construction is proceeding as planned, with work underway on the parking garage. The Geyser Group is thrilled to see the development come to fruition. Who knew dirt and cranes could make us so excited? Ultimately, Geyser aims to give East Austin residents high-quality apartment living combined with a prime location, and Goodwin will do just that. Geyser is committed to building the foundation for the future of East Austin and giving residents the experience of a lifetime. Following construction, 10% of the units will be affordable housing, with priority given to individuals who formerly lived on the 60’s building formerly on the property. As part of this project, those individuals were also offered financial literacy classes and a relocation assistance package. The Geyser Group is excited to have the opportunity to combine up-scale housing with social impact initiatives in East Austin.

The Goodwin Has Much to Offer Future Residents

A quote from Managing Director Michael Bernstein, 

“We are excited about so many aspects of this project. It has a great location walkable to Springdale General, the Austin Bouldering Project, and Jay Paul Company’s transformative Springdale Green project. We will have best-in-class amenities featuring two pools, an expansive dog park, and multiple entertainment spaces. And we will be adding 37 affordable units to the area. Combining location and community is at the core of this project, and The Geyser Group cannot wait for it to come to life over the next two years.”

Check out our gallery below for a preview of what The Goodwin will look like, and stay up to date with our investment opportunities by visiting our Investor page here!

We actively seek investors to share our opportunities with and are happy to connect with you! Check out our portfolio of current developments here.