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Employee Spotlight: Questions with Managing Director Todd Peoples

This year, The Geyser Group wants to start highlighting the wonderful people that work at the firm. Starting today, Geyser will highlight a different employee each month. From young entrepreneurs to seasoned industry veterans, Geyser has a wide variety of talent and diversity. Check back every month to get to know one of our employees a little more! Our Employee Spotlight series aims to uplift the wonderful people here at Geyser. 

This month’s Employee Spotlight features Todd Peoples, a rock star member of the managing team. Todd came to The Geyser Group in early 2020 as a development manager and has been providing tremendous value ever since. We interviewed Todd to learn more about his role in the company, how he enjoys spending his free time, and his life motto. 

What Does Your Job Role Entail? 

As one of the three Managing Directors, I mainly focus on business development, acquisitions, and our conservation development thesis where we identify places that have unique landscapes and ecology and figure out what’s the minimal amount of development we need to do to preserve the landscape forever.  

What Brought You to Geyser? 

I love the idea of creating places for people to live, work, and play while doing it with a group of people that are passionate about doing meaningful work 

What Do You Like Most About Your Job? 

I love the relationship building aspect and bringing value to people’s lives through real estate. 

What is the Best Career Lesson you Have Learned so Far? 

Personally, I believe in long obedience in the same direction and professionally that translates to persisting to achieve the company’s goals based on shared values and ideas. 

How Do You Balance Your Career and Family? 

Keep my priorities straight. Faith and family come first and work comes second with the understanding that hard work is important to model for my family. I want to be there for the big things, understanding that I have to sacrifice the little things to provide, which requires a flexible work/life schedule which Geyser offers.

What Is Your Motto? 

I used to be afraid of failing at something that really mattered to me, but now I’m more afraid of succeeding at things that don’t matter.  I pulled this from one of my favorite authors, Bob Goff.

What Would You Be Doing as a Career if You Weren’t Doing This? 

I would love to be a doctor if it didn’t require me going back to school for 8 years. I think this stems from the fact that I like to help people personally and professionally.  Geyser allows me to do both!

What Do You Like to Do When You’re not Working? 

Spend time outdoors with my family 

What Three Words Best Describe You? 

Curious, Faithful, Persistent 

Where is Your Favorite Place in the World?

Yosemite National Park 

What is a Fun Fact About Yourself That People Might not Know?

I was a child actor. I played one of the orphans in The Problem Child. 

If you Could Meet Anyone in the World Dead or Alive, Who Would it be and Why?

Thomas Eddison because he was so persistent and determined to create the lightbulb among various other inventions and wasn’t afraid to fail.  

What is One Thing That You Can’t Live Without? 

I can’t live without my wife. She is my support system and anywhere with her is my happy place. 

Is There Anything That You Want to Experience/Try That You Haven’t Yet? 

I would like to try rock climbing at some point 

Check back each month to learn more about our employees in our Employee Spotlight series!  If you are interested in our ongoing projects check out our portfolio here

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Project Spotlight: The Goodwin, Geyser’s 363-unit Multifamily Development in East Austin

The Goodwin Multifamily Development Apartments in East Austin

The Geyser Group is highlighting our upcoming project, The Goodwin, located just off the intersection of Springdale Road and Airport Boulevard in East Austin. We are partnering with Sabot Development and Cadence McShane Construction on this 363-unit, class-A apartment community in a prime East Austin Opportunity Zone.

The Goodwin will provide housing to the growing Austin population with 326 market-rate and 37 affordable housing units. Additionally, there will be 2,400 square feet of retail space aimed at providing residents and the neighborhood with access to another local restaurant or bodega. The Goodwin is located directly across the street from Springdale General, a 165,000 square foot mixed-use complex, and Springdale Green, an 875,000 square foot office that is expected to deliver in Q1 2024.

Our Progress on The Goodwin in East Austin 

The Goodwin is currently under construction with an expected final completion date in Q1 2024.  The first set of units are expected to deliver in Summer 2023.  Construction is proceeding as planned, with work underway on the parking garage.

construction 2021 for 3706 goodwin multifamily development in east austin
December 2021
construction january 2021 for 3706 goodwin multifamily development in east austin
January 2022
construction april 2022 for 3706 goodwin multifamily development in east austin
April 2022
May 2022
The Goodwin multifamily development in East Austin
June 2022
The Goodwin Multifamily development in East Austin
July 2022

The Goodwin is currently under construction, with an expected completion date in Q1 2024.  The first set of units is likely to deliver in Summer 2023.  Construction is proceeding as planned, with work underway on the parking garage. The Geyser Group is thrilled to see the development come to fruition. Who knew dirt and cranes could make us so excited? Ultimately, Geyser aims to give East Austin residents high-quality apartment living combined with a prime location, and Goodwin will do just that. Geyser is committed to building the foundation for the future of East Austin and giving residents the experience of a lifetime. Following construction, 10% of the units will be affordable housing, with priority given to individuals who formerly lived on the 60’s building formerly on the property. As part of this project, those individuals were also offered financial literacy classes and a relocation assistance package. The Geyser Group is excited to have the opportunity to combine up-scale housing with social impact initiatives in East Austin.

The Goodwin Has Much to Offer Future Residents

A quote from Managing Director Michael Bernstein, 

“We are excited about so many aspects of this project. It has a great location walkable to Springdale General, the Austin Bouldering Project, and Jay Paul Company’s transformative Springdale Green project. We will have best-in-class amenities featuring two pools, an expansive dog park, and multiple entertainment spaces. And we will be adding 37 affordable units to the area. Combining location and community is at the core of this project, and The Geyser Group cannot wait for it to come to life over the next two years.”

Check out our gallery below for a preview of what The Goodwin will look like, and stay up to date with our investment opportunities by visiting our Investor page here!

We actively seek investors to share our opportunities with and are happy to connect with you! Check out our portfolio of current developments here.

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Breaking Ground on a Boutique, Alternative to Austin Living

On November 9th, The Geyser Group and The Sephira Group broke ground on The Johnny, a boutique alternative to Austin living. The Johnny will be a 76-unit multifamily community in the Highland neighborhood, a highly sought after location near downtown, UT campus, and the Triangle. This property will feature condominium- like design elements that differ from traditionally large housing developments. Breaking ground on this property has been the highlight of our month! 

If location is  what you are looking for, then look no further! The Johnny provides a modern solution for those looking to live near the heart of the city. It is located steps from the red-, orange-, and blue rail lines at Crestview Station, and adjacent to the grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops, and bookstore at The Crescent shopping center. The Johnny’s central location reduces the cost and emissions of long commutes. Additionally, The Johnny will offer limited affordable housing options to those who earn below 60% of the median family income. 

“In the years we’ve been developing in Austin, we’ve seen it become one of the least affordable cities in the nation,” said Matt McDonnell, founder and CEO of The Geyser Group. “The COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated the problem. By providing a spacious, metro-adjacent environment, The Johnny addresses an underserved community and puts a dent in Austin’s affordability crisis.”

Affordability is a rising problem in the Austin market. Through our efforts, we hope to provide opportunity for the community to experience the wonderful development that is The Johnny. Here’s to breaking ground! 

construction april 2022 for 3706 goodwin multifamily development in east austin
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Breaking Ground on a Groundbreaking Development: Goodwin Apartments

The Geyser Group and Cadence McShane Construction Company are breaking ground on the new Goodwin Apartments. We have worked closely with Davies Collaborative and Sabot Development to handpick all the design elements that will go into this project. With outstanding exterior and interior design, it is no surprise that everyone involved in this project is ecstatic to see construction begin. 

Located in prime East Austin, the multi-use development will add 364 residential units and 5,000 square feet of commercial space to the growing area. Since 2019, East Austin has become the hit location for up-and-coming bars, restaurants, and other retail developments. 

The area was deemed one of the fastest-growing areas in the city prior to the pandemic making the community in East Austin incredibly diverse. With new multipurpose developments comes the need for new housing. The new Goodwin Apartments will provide an abundance of opportunities to live where the action is. 

Pictured left to right: Managing Director Michael Bernstein, CEO Matt McDonnell, and Sabot Partner Jim Young

Following construction, 10% of the units will be affordable housing, prioritizing existing tenants at the existing complex. Current residents will be eligible for financial assistance and be given first preference to help them move back into the new development. Residents will be given access to free classes on financial literacy through Framework CDC. 

Breaking ground on projects that will benefit us and the community is something we strive for. The Geyser Group believes in opportunity, and Goodwin will provide Austin residents with up-scale housing combined with a number of social opportunities.

To learn more about Goodwin, check out our ‘Project Spotlight’ series here

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