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This month’s spotlight features our Development Associate, Zach Counts. Zach’s experience in the Navy and real estate brings a disciplined perspective to Geyser. We are excited to have Zach on the team and love his hard work and dedication. Get to know Zach, his experience, and what he enjoys outside work. 


Originally from St. Charles, Missouri, Zach joined the Navy out of high school and spent nine years on active duty. 

“I was drawn to the military and intrigued by SEALs. So I enlisted in the military, went to BUD/s (Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL), joined the Teams (SEAL Teams), separated from active duty in 2014 after nine years of service, and have been a reservist since.”

“I’ve had some truly remarkable experiences in my service, some great, some terrible, but I’m truly grateful for all of them and grateful to those that served alongside me. Those that are still here and those that have left this world. They have shaped who I am today.” 

Following his military career, Zach attended the McCombs School of Business. 

“I decided I wanted to go to McCombs before my time on active duty ended. So I reached out to McCombs, and they told me that since I didn’t go to school in Texas, didn’t have an SAT/ACT score, and I hadn’t been in school for a while, my best option would be to attend ACC and get a 4.0.”

“I achieved my 4.0 at ACC, got into the McCombs School of Business, and graduated with a degree in Finance. I didn’t want a typical finance job, and corporate didn’t appeal to me. I was intrigued with real estate development, the changing dynamics of every deal and project, the problem-solving that is needed, the cross-discipline teamwork, and things that went beyond just finance appealed to me. So I befriended a professor from a real estate finance class, who introduced me to the area’s developers. My real estate career began as an intern at a local real estate firm, and I fell in love with real estate. Eventually, I connected with Julie Jumonville, one of Geyser’s founding partners, and interviewed with the entire team. From there, I started my role at Geyser and could not be happier.”

What is the Biggest Takeaway from your Time in the Navy? 

“There are two. The first is the importance of teamwork and along with that teamwork effective communication. The reason the Teams (SEAL Teams) are considered elite isn’t necessarily because of each individual, it is not to say that each individual isn’t extraordinary, but as a team, we are one of the most highly functioning and effective organizations on this planet. The second piece, communication, fits so easily into teamwork. Arguably, one of the skill sets that sets us apart is the fact that we communicate so well.”

How has Transitioning into Real Estate Benefitted you Professionally?

“Well, for starters, I wanted to stay in Austin, and the real estate market here is phenomenal. My time in Austin real estate has allowed me to grow my family, and I don’t see the market slowing down anytime soon. I feel accomplished knowing I have the job security to care for my family.”  

What Have Been your Biggest Takeaways Working at Geyser?

“There are two big things that I love about Geyser. Not surprisingly they coincide with my takeaways from my service. The first is team camaraderie. There have been places I have worked where I haven’t had a team that uplifts one another, and it has proven to be very beneficial. The pooled mindset of experience allows you to grow through others’ experiences. Geyser hires knowledgeable people, and each employee brings a different perspective you can learn from. Secondly, the communication piece of Geyser is fantastic. The up and down chain of command constantly pushes information through our channels, allowing us to be informed on things we may need to know in the future. Even if you are not working on that specific project, you still get a complete understanding of what is going on in the business from all sides. Very transparent communication.”

Personal Life 

Outside of work, Zach enjoys spending time with his family outdoors. Zach is family-oriented and takes an annual trip to Anna Maria Islands in Florida. He hopes that his kids will continue this tradition for years to come. 

“I used to practice Jujitsu and Muay Thai, but I don’t have time now with three kids. I still try to train, but I will find time for it again. Visiting family is a big part of my life. We visit my wife’s family in Rochester and take a Florida vacation with my side every year.”

We are very fortunate to have Zach on the Geyser Team and look forward to growing professionally alongside him for the foreseeable future. 

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