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I think we can all agree that 2021 saw positive, unprecedented real estate changes that shaped the Austin market into a world of endless possibilities. 

Here’s a look at what Geyser accomplished in 2021 and what we aim to accomplish in 2022.

Our Year In Summary: 

  • Broke ground on 3706 Goodwin, a multifamily development in East Austin
  • Partnered with The Sephria Group on The Johnny, a boutique multifamily development in Austin’s Highland neighborhood
  • Began developing the Hamilton Pool Retreat, the perfect destination for a company retreat, wedding, or just a weekend getaway
  • Successfully up zoned Common Ground to include 62 units of attached townhomes with convenient park access, environmentally conscious design, and beautiful creek views.  

So, What’s Next?

We spent much of 2021 planting seeds and building our infrastructure so that Geyser will be able to create more opportunities for our various stakeholders—investors, tenants, lenders, employees, and our ever expanding network of repeat third-party service providers. One notable partnership with AMASS, a platform to help build generational black wealth, allowed us to pilot an investment that secured 20 new investors, 13 of whom were new, black investors sending a wire for the first time. 

In 2022, we hope to encapsulate that same energy and expand our impact by continuing to source investors that have not historically had access to private market investments in commercial real estate. We believe that everyone deserves an equal chance at pursuing their passions. Additionally, we have several projects in the pipeline that would include favorable financing allowing for the creation of affordable housing and office space. 

The Geyser Group has worked hard to develop the foundation for our amazing ventures. We believe that demand for East Austin properties will only continue to grow, and we are extremely grateful for the returning investors and referrals that we have received. The Geyser Group wishes everyone a happy New Year, and we cannot wait to see where this year takes us! 

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